Beliefs limiting our opportunities

Beliefs limiting opportunities
People sometimes think that they don’t have enough opportunities to improve their lives. But is it really truth? Can it be that we are stuck in a world where the opportunities are hidden and if we only open our eyes there would be plenty of chances to change our living? I heard an interesting story about coffee producers from Uganda. They limited their profit just because they did not understand what they were selling.

These Ugandan farmers thought that the coffee they grew is used as ammunition so they treated the harvest accordingly. They did not care about the quality of the coffee – when it is used as ammo it doesn’t matter, does it? When the roasters visited them and revealed them the secret that they value only ripe cherries they suddenly managed to create much higher wealth with much less effort.
And what is the point of the story? Do not let your beliefs to limit what you can achieve. Look at what you have from different perspectives and maybe you will find that a treasure lies only few steps from your door.

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Foto: UK Department for International Development

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