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Clemens Kuby - German writting about self healing
Broken neck usually changes one’s life for worse though in the case Clemens Kuby it was the opposite. His life started only after he fell down from the roof top and was taken to the hospital with a diagnose that he will never walk again. For Clemens it was a sign; he did not trust the doctors and in 3 months left the ward  walking and filled with newly found life purpose.
In the following years he took his camera all around the world interviewing healers and discovering cultures who perceive our world differently than our western culture. He learned that diseases, illnesses and sickness are not here to punish us but to show as the way. “Sickness can take the mind where minds don’t like to go.”*
He realized (and later described in his movies and books) that our body talks to us. If we don’t listen it speaks louder and if we continue to ignore it the body strikes us with illness because the pain is harder to disregard. It doesn't have to be a disease as in Clemens’s own case. The body can betray you in the crucial moment and you get hurt.
But it doesn't have to go that far. Clemens describes the process of intuitive communication with oneself which can provide you with useful insights into what you really want. Your body is not just a moody device which shouts anytime it feels bored. It follows our best intention and creates pain only if we don’t act as we would like to. And honestly that happen often. Think only about how happy you are about going to the job every day. If you’re unsatisfied in your employment your body will notice. In the case of Clemens he got stuck in a calm life on the countryside. He had plenty of excuses why he’s being happy there but not until he got injured he did really realize that he was hiding afraid to live.
Cover of Kuby's Travels into the next dimension (German edition)
After he completely recovered he started his filmmaking career. He was interested in healers all around the world. He had no prejudice because he experienced “miraculous recovery” himself. He was also brought up in very inspiring environment; his uncle Werner Heisenberg received Nobel prize for leaps in quantum physics and he formulated the principle that the more certain we are about one thing the less we can know about the remaining features (of the sub-atomic particles). It must have motivated Clemens to disregard classical medical views and formulate the new ones viewing body-mind as a complex interacting and changing substance; similarly as it was described by medicine men he witnessed on his travels.
Cover of Kuby's Healthy without medicine (German Edition)
His healing techniques (which he teaches in his books and on his seminars) are using intuition which guides the patient to the true root cause of his illness. So called mental writing is similar to other techniques which tries to block consciousness mind and submerge into subconsciousness.
Our ailments are usually disguised traumas or our stubborn avoidance to do what we really desire. Clemens believes that if two people have the same diagnose the treatment shouldn’t be the same. Every bodily malfunction has to be considered in the perspective of the person infected.
And I agree. The body is so complex mechanism; even single neural cell is still beyond comprehension of modern science; so we cannot factually believe that a dose of remedy can harmonize all the sophisticated set ups of every individual. Clemens technique rather encourages us to build a steady relationship with ourselves to prevent diseases and solve any medical or other problems we have by using the power of intuition. Don’t disregard modern medicine though; it can have valuable treatment for you; even Clemens took special surgery to fix his broken neck. Combined with his changed attitude to his life he managed to get a result far better than any doctor have expected.
On one of his presentation he described why he chose the name Mental Healing for his latest book. "In English speaking countries, mental healing seems to do something with insanity, so I immediately liked the name. No English native would name the book about inspirational approach to healing like that but it can make people curious."
Clemens books are unfortunately not translated into English so you would have to learn Germen to get an inspiration from them.

Clemens Self-Healing process
1. Mental Writing
Clemens Kuby's Mental Healing cover First step is to start a dialogue with your subconsciousness. Just relax and follow associations in your mind and honestly describe what do you mentally see or what you think about. It's useful to write that down, but Clemens Kuby has good experience doing such a mental deep dive over telephone.
Remember that subconsciousness uses the language of metaphors. It very creative but because everyone is used to think in literal forms it can be a bit tricky at the beginning. At one presentation Clemens is describing a story of a lady who suffered from headaches for over 30 years. She described her suffering as murderous pain. "What murder are you talking about?" asked Clemens. "Oh, I just meant, it's terrible pain," said the lady. But Clemens insisted on the word 'murder' and later they realized that when the lady was a little girl, her father was accused from murder. In the moment when her father was taken into custody she went to say goodbye to him but her mother stayed away. From that moment she suffered for her mother's indifference.
2. The cure
Once you identify the source of your problem you either take action if it's connected with some activity you tried to avoid or you would have to change the past. And it's possible to change the past. History doesn't exist on itself but it's just recorded and skewed in our memory. Every experience changes million neural interfaces within our brain and those will influence our whole body. Each memory can be connected with function or malfunction of any body organ, just because brain uses the same neural paths to control the organ as it uses to remember the past.
Clemen's method can deal with unpleasant memories, with times when we wanted to act differently or when we wanted that others behaved in some other manner. The past belong only to ours as imprint in our brain and that is what we will change. In Clemen's self-healing technique he encourage us to life that particular memory again but this time to play the roles of ourselves and everyone in the memory the way we like them to act. We won't change what happened nevertheless we can change our perception of the situation. Our little play will influence the same neural paths which were connected to the original memory and which also caused or influenced our health issue.
'It's never late to like a happy childhood,' Clemens remarks.
Similar Techniques
Clemens' techniques are very similar to other healing methods. Some proclaim that they use intuition others maybe don't know about it. Emotion Free Taping (EFT) distract consciousness by tapping with your fingers around your body, however meanwhile you're expressing associations connected to your health or other problem and then you describe ideal state so that your brain chemistry changes for your benefit.
Silva method intuition system also digs into improving and cultivating your intuitive powers. I had a chance to attend Czech Silva method course about intuition with brilliant coach Dragan Vujovič (who was mind-coach to silver 2007 soccer WC team) and they use intuition in a similar way to Clemens. Silva method uses stream of images to analyze the issue and find the solution.
Win Wenger and Paul Scheele (author of photoreading) are recommending image streaming - watch associations and thoughts in your mind - to overcome your difficulties and improve your living. John Gray author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus also highlights that women tend to be more intuitive as they let their ideas flow freely (while they chatter about the topic) until they reach an intuitive solution. James Redfield in his Celestine Prophecy describes an intuitive method to choose the right path based on personal better feeling. 

Bibliography of Clemens Kuby
  • Travels into the next dimension (Unterwegs in die nächste Dimension)
  • Living Buddha (with Ulli Olvedi)
  • Healing - miracle inside of us (Heilung – das Wunder in uns. Selbstheilungsprozesse entdecken)
  • Mental Healing - the secret of self healing (Mental Healing – Das Geheimnis der Selbstheilung)
  • Mental Healing - Healthy without medicine, guidebook into thinking differently (Mental Healing - Gesund ohne Medizin. Anleitung zum Andersdenken)
* quote from William Whitecloud’s The Last Shaman.

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