EFT - Emotion Free Tapping

There's an easy and quick technique how to address whatever problem we might suffer from. Doesn't matter if you want to cure an illness, heal a relationship, remember foreign language or don't want to be angry after the football match. Emotion Free Taping (EFT) promoted by people Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) or Bob Proctor (played in The Secret) is an easy method how you can release your blocked emotions and even find an intuitive solution to your problem.
It started with a movie The Tapping  Solution. 10 people with various diseases and without hope used EFT to return back into the life. EFT is a quick way how to communicate with oneself to learn about problems we are facing and how to solve them. It's honest self-talk which surfaces all of our emotions, fears and worries and helps us to relieve ourselves from them. Tapping on various acupressure points speeds up the process and we can quickly get into the mood when the solutions which did not exist before start appearing.
Let's review the steps of EFT tapping. At the beginning you acknowledge the existence of the problem but you remind yourself that even though you face this issue you are still a worthy person by saying: "Even though I'm having this trouble I fully and deeply love and accept myself." You repeat this step 3 times because it's really important. It helps to depersonalize the issue, it means that even though the problem exist you're still unique inspirational being deserving happiness and fulfilling life.
After that you tap on various points of your body and shoot whatever thought we have about the issue. It's  kind flow of intuitive ideas and associations which guide you to the core of your problem. Tapping the acupressure points not only energizes your body by harmonizing your energy system but it also occupies the conscious mind so that your assumptions about your state doesn't limit your thinking. Say honestly all your ideas because it can the be one you're trying to hide which is behind your current condition. Ego doesn't want you to admit that you might have done something wrong but remember that you agreed that even though the problem is there you fully and completely love and accept yourself. 
The memories and ideas you receive during the tapping are usually the messages which your powerful subconscious computer evaluated as the best solution for you. Sometimes is enough to acknowledge that there is an emotion or a memory which is creating your illness or problem (read about German healer Clemens Kuby who believes that behind every disease there is a personal history which created it); other times you would need to take an action to fix something in your life. Tapping will always help you to better understand what is happening. 
The final rounds of tapping gives you space to substitute your original negative emotion causing the illness with a new bright and supporting one. It helps you realize what you really want to and imprint it into your subconscious.
Let's take together an exercise round of EFT (in bold is written where do you tap):
Fingers on the side of your hand: Even though I did not use EFT as much as I could I fully and completely love and accept myself.
Fingers on the side of your hand: Even though I could have been happier if only I used tapping I decided to fully accept who I am.
Fingers on the side of your hand: Even though I am not accustomed to use EFT to solve my problems I'm ok to give it a try.
(the 3 sentences can also be the same)
Above the eyelid: I did not use tapping.
Side of an eye: Why not?
Under the eye: Don't I want to?
Under the nose: Maybe ...
Under the mouth: Or I might not have remembered
On collar bone: Maybe I'm not used to address my problems like this
From the side of my rib: but I may be ready to start
At the top of your head: I use it right now after all

Above the eyelid: and it works really good.
Side of an eye: I decided I will remember
Under the eye: to tap
Under the nose: I decided to built this positive habit
Under the mouth: which can really help me
On collar bone: which can make my life easier
From the side of my rib: and that is the choice I make
At the top of your head: I am using EFT to help me with my problems

Above were 2 example rounds of Emotion free tapping. You can decide to have more rounds discussing the issue, why do you have the problem, until you feel really relaxed or that you really understand what is behind the situation. You can as well have more rounds creating positive affirmation of your new behavior. Firstly you can dispute and chat with yourself that it's not really that bad to do it the new way. Then you can use phrases like: "I decided," or "I'm using," which helps to reprogram your subconscious for the new behavior.

I really recommend session and materials which are provided by The Tapping Solution and to participate on the online course by The Tapping World Summit - which is usually for free once a year. Try it and it will change your life

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