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Are you nervous how much time gonna be wasted whenever you are invited for a meeting? Interestingly at least 2 books agreed on a way how should an effective meeting look like. Cool about it is, that we don't have to work much, all we need is respect and intuition.
In William Whitecloud's The Last Shaman a tribe of indigenous African is facing  a military invasion. They are holding a conference which should answer the question how to avoid the aggression. Even though no one is preparing complicated solutions they reach a solution which is not only the best one they can achieve but each councilor is leaving the meeting happy and refreshed by the discussion. That is the way of intuitive meeting called Indaba.
First rule is that everyone gets connected to the source of his intuition; basically we are saying the first think  which come to our mind. Intellectually we can accommodate only several facts at once but our subconscious can handle millions of details simultaneously and it offers us the result through images of our intuition. With these associations which need to be freed from the worries and rationalization of our ego the best ever knowledge about the issue and its solution is getting built. To free ourselves from ego is the key point. Ego likes to fit our beliefs into the current situation which limits our options. Ego wants to be in the secure world it knows but it restricts possible solutions. When everyone speaks their ideas, even the crazy one, and share them with other debaters sooner or later the best option is found. Everyone feels it in their hearts that the right solution was found. 
To be able to really reach the ideal result it's important to support each speaker. Only one at a time speaks and the others gives him or her their full attention. Each speaker is thanked by the crowd for whatever they say and no one is blamed even if he says something out of the topic. Anything can trigger the association which will lead to the solution. It's also important that you don't debate about what is the truth; no one tries to disapprove what was said. The truth is not important but the solution. 
In such a debate everyone can have a voice. Children are welcomed because they can provide useful insight we adults wouldn't even think of. At the end people know that the solution they reached is the correct one presuming that everyone said all they wanted to say not limited by fears of their ego. To speak openly presenting every intuitive association you think of is the key to find the right conclusion. 
Similar decision making process is described in Redfield's Celestine Prophecy. The speaker present the stream of his mental associations motivated by others' supportive attention. Ego which likes to analyze and categorize, ego which is tainted by fears or wishes has to be kept out of the process.
Final decision created in such an intuitive event can often be a bit crazy. We might be afraid to try it just because it may sound stupid. Though we would feel it is the right solution; watch your bodily reactions  to confirm that what was agreed is the right think to do.

Do you have any experience with effectively lead meeting? How often do you include intuition into your decision making processes? 

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