The Wonder

Pair looking in wonder into distance
Most of us do not see, feel and enjoy the world fully. Throughout our lives we learned to name and define our surrounding that we are no longer interested in what is really happening. Many inspirational people can wake us up into the world full of wonder containing thousands of awesome things and situation only if we decide to see them.
The Magic by Rhonda Byrne let us marvel about all the usual things let's say a cup of water. If we only think about how splendid achievement of humankind is that we can have a glass of refreshing liquid anytime we chose to turn on the tap, how much trouble the people had to go through to build the dams and tunnels which bring the precious fluid into our homes and how easily we can refresh ourselves anytime we just think about it we would be deeply grateful and enchanted by this achievement. 
We lost the ability to see because it is enough for us to say that a person is our wife or our brother and we stop to care about him or her. In Chopra's The way of the Wizard the magician can watch a wild stag for hours without getting bored because he sees many aspect of the beautiful animal. He's not watching him as a deer but enjoys his strength, his endurance, he likes the shades playing in his fur and the pair of eyes blinking in the night. For a magician the deer is not a deer but a living creature with multiple characteristics constantly changing. 
Similar life attitude is explained in Whitecloud's The Last Shaman. The main character is taught how to live in innocence a state of mind similar to the mind of a child when everything is miraculous and each moment is wonderful. Such a state of mind enables the person to see much more then what we might thought it is around us and even can bring some supernatural powers to us, just because we don't limit our perception to what we think we should see around.
If you want to extend your possibilities and enjoy the wonders of life to the extent you might not even image today there are few easy guidelines to follow:
  • be grateful
  • innocently perceive the world
  • don't name, classify, categorize or judge
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