You never have just one option

Gwanwyn by Martina Hvojnikova - desire, noble idea, intuition, achievement
Recently we you can have read about compassionate communication (non-violent communication, NVC) a concept that behind all our feelings (transferred into our actions) is what we need or desire. We don't feel angry because someone came late but because we appreciate punctuality or we don't want to waste limited time. Recently I realized there is more to non-violent communication and that we has to understand our need in depth not to fall into another trap.
Key topics: Feelings, Needs, Focus-Attention, Intuition


The Silva Method

It was some 15 years ago when as I was studying some auto hypnosis techniques I ran across a book of Mexican researcher Jose Silva who wanted to make studying easier for his children. I got immediately attracted to the concept and few weeks later took my first course of The Silva method. Since then my world has changed and everything became possible. 
The Silva method is a meditation or auto hypnosis techniques with various range of modification usable for any life situation and continuous self-development. It basically calms down the rush in your brain and enables you to exploit vast powers of your subconscious. The first think I learned with Silva method was to wake up without alarm clock anytime I desired. And there's much more. 15 minutes of Silva meditation has these effect on your body: