Game of Association - Into the realm of Intuition

Whtie shinning rabbit of intuition
Successful and fortunate people have one characteristics in common. Their effort is awarded with results because they take the correct action in the right moment. Their courage sources in experience and knowledge, but that is often not enough to succeed. Their hidden treasure is the trust in their intuition.


Motivational thoughts

Motivational thoughts vector art
Some people seem to be fueled by bursting source of energy, they seem to be able to accomplish anything and they are always smiling. These people are inspiration for others and nothing seems impossible for them. What gives these people so much enthusiasm, fervor and joy? What engines their smile and why they manage to succeed where others struggle or fail. The answer is usually very simple - they are in peace with themselves, believe in their ability to overcome any obstacle and their relaxed zest helps them to connect to their intuition and live to their highest potential. See what can burst your motivation.


Synchronicity - was it attracted or did I not notice before

Face of an angel bringing coincidentally what we need
From time to time it happens. You learn about something completely new and the next day you saw the same (recently unknown topic) somewhere else. Was it just coincidence? Did we really attract what we needed from the universe or did our subconsciousness guided us to the correct answer we needed. Or was the thing always there and just at a moment we were ready we noticed? 
I don't know the answer to these questions, but you know, I don't care. Whenever there's something we need, it appears. When you start asking questions, you will receive answer. 


William Whitecloud - The Last Shaman

Would you like to know what is right for you? Would you like to avoid danger and even know when you can pull the lion's hair without fear? Are you interested in knowing what the others are thinking and what to do for their and your best interest? Then let's read the latest book of African-Australian writer William Whitecloud - The Last Shaman.
Life is supposed to be magical adventure filled with joy and unimaginable miracles. Unfortunately we often evade the pleasures which are prepared for us. We don't listen to our instincts, we dismiss advices of our inner voice and rather act reasonably. It's foolish but logical.
Key topics: Intuition, Innocence, Expectations versus Reality, Vibration, Subconsciousness


Why courses doesn't work (so ideally)

Useful towelwrite it down ... notebook and penHave you ever attended a course for a day, a weekend or even whole week? Do you remember how enthusiastic you were about the techniques which seemed to be a gateway to a new prosperous life? But then a month later you realized that you use tricks from the course less and less that you probably forgot half of the techniques you learned. There are two main reason why it happened:


Anger is the lighthouse to cut the anchor off

martinah - underwater; cut off the anchor which bound you to unhappiness
I used to hate when I was upset. It was so embarrassing that me a person so optimistic and nice could be angry or mad about something usually quite unimportant. It bothered me a lot until one day. In a moment a pleasant time turned into a nightmare and I had to focus hard to remain pleasant to others. If it wasn't for one kind girl I might have spoiled the evening. I started to ask - Why? I decided to get rid of the behavior I didn't like. 
To my greatest wonder the next day I've picked a video on youtube, from millions which are there, this gave me a key I needed to solve my problem. Christie Sheldon spoke in it about vibrations behind our emotion and I realized how helpful is to be upset because thanks to anger we can quickly improve our lives. If we decide to do so ...


Paul Watzlawick - How Real Is Real?

After reading Watzlawick's 'How real is real?' you might make a conclusion that it is impossible to communicate. That much more common is confusion or misunderstanding. It's not speakers fault that he would speak incomprehensibly nor there's fault on receiver 's side having problems to understand. Most of the people would blame their conversational partner but the reason is that each of us understand the reality differently
To illustrate it let's bring back a story from UK in the months after the end of WWII. Hundreds of American soldiers waited in the kingdom before they returned home and spent the time by chasing British girls. Strangely both sided accused the other from being too eager to have sex. How could both groups want sex more and be unhappy about it?