Anger is the lighthouse to cut the anchor off

martinah - underwater; cut off the anchor which bound you to unhappiness
I used to hate when I was upset. It was so embarrassing that me a person so optimistic and nice could be angry or mad about something usually quite unimportant. It bothered me a lot until one day. In a moment a pleasant time turned into a nightmare and I had to focus hard to remain pleasant to others. If it wasn't for one kind girl I might have spoiled the evening. I started to ask - Why? I decided to get rid of the behavior I didn't like. 
To my greatest wonder the next day I've picked a video on youtube, from millions which are there, this gave me a key I needed to solve my problem. Christie Sheldon spoke in it about vibrations behind our emotion and I realized how helpful is to be upset because thanks to anger we can quickly improve our lives. If we decide to do so ...
Christie spoke about Dr. Hawkin's vibration scale and energetic frequency linked to different emotions. On the top of the pyramid is fulfilling life while low vibrations are connected to hate, guilt, anger and dissatisfaction. Throughout our life we collect many opinions, believes and judgments and these like anchors binding us to some emotions and their vibration level. Before we resolve our blocks we cannot fly up higher. And that's where these negative emotions help. 
Anytime you realize that you're not happy, you feel the way you don't like, it's a signpost pointing to a situation or experience which blocks your further growth. You accept it, identify it, release it and without that heavy anchor you take off into more satisfying life.
Anger and hate guide you to experiences and opinions you have to abandon in order to life more satisfying life. Thank you my bad feelings. 
Glass of water - one technique of Silva method how to find an answer
Ok, I'm angry and I decide not to be. What do I do? Brilliant - the decision to do something about it is the first step. Intention brings attention and there exist many techniques which can help you identify the core of your trauma or block - you can use Emotion Free Taping (EFT), Kuby's mental writing, ask your feeling why is it here and use intuition to find the answer, shape-shift into your feeling which is described by William Whitecloud in his The Last Shaman, just meditate about it or use Silva method's water glass technique. Possibilities are many and other spiritual, religious, meditative and martial art techniques exist. 
After you identify what is your anchor you need to release that experience. Say good bye to what is slowing you down and bringing you constant problems. Again there are many ways how you can do that - Hawaiian Ho'opono'pono, EFT again, Kuby's story rewriting, desired scene in Silva method, compose a good bye poem or song, wash it away by holy water or pure boisterous waterfall, raise your energy so much that you cut the rope on your anchor. Possibilities are many and once you decide and stay aware you'll find the right way for you.
Decide, stay open and a method how to find, accept and release your low vibration block will appear.
May all the griefs, fears and hates help you move one step up closer to the paradise.

The fire that, when kindled for the first time, shows us our faults and our sins. We are surprised and frightened, and we feel ourselves to be incapable.
But it was a FIRE of LOVE and it consumed what was bad in us when we accepted it.
Paulo Coelho - The Valkyries

Pain just ask for our attention. Suffering is what happens when we do not understand the purpose of our pain.
William Whitecloud - The Last Shaman

Artwork: martinah (underwater), tim.perdue (glass of water)

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