Game of Association - Into the realm of Intuition

Whtie shinning rabbit of intuition
Successful and fortunate people have one characteristics in common. Their effort is awarded with results because they take the correct action in the right moment. Their courage sources in experience and knowledge, but that is often not enough to succeed. Their hidden treasure is the trust in their intuition.
Recently I was listening to the course 'Genius Code' by Learning Strategies and one simple question from the beginning of the seminar took my attention. Win Wenger (co-author) called it association game. The rule is easy - say the first association which come to your mind when I say 'a dog'. What crosses your mind the first? Win says a few words and your task is to react with any association. Quite nice game which you probably played during your childhood. But ...
The course points out that there are multiple association behind the first and the most obvious one. Saying 'a dog' gets reflected in  an association of German shepard, grandma or a gamekeeper. When you close your eyes you might see short movie like you visiting grand-parents and their dog. I saw a retriever walking past grain field and starting its hunt. 


Win wanted to emphasize these mindmovies and other association. Behind each our thought we in fact have many more other ideas which not always reach our awareness. When you relax a bit you can see a short movie instead of simple dog-poodle pair. Your brain simultaneously searched all your memories and ideas about dogs and presented the one with highest 'search ranking' to your consciousness. Hundreds or maybe thousands of others dog association remained buried in your subconsciousness.  The potential of these usually unused association is the aim of Win's seminar. And he's not alone, many others try to provide you  with more profound powers from inside your subconsciousness. 
Vera Birkenbihl is using great power of associations in her foreign languages learning method. Her guideline how to make language acquisition easier is revealing how neural electrochemical reaction within our brain are permanently endeavoring to understand and find the best solution for particular communication.

Training and development of one's intuition

Several other spiritual, mental, health and motivational teachers are using mind films to open the gate to powerful information contained within intuition. The agreement between those courses seems to be almost magical. They advise similar mind techniques and plays with your associations that would easily connect you to your intuition.
Multiple development teachers, spiritual techniques and intuition coaches are using similar techniques to tap into your intuition. It's no coincidence because these methods are knows by shamans and healers for thousands of years.
In Win Wenger's Genius Code it's called image streaming. German healer Clemens Kuby has method for finding the cause of our illnesses named mental writing. Tapping solution's EFT (Emotion free tapping) keep conscious mind busy by tapping on various parts of body so that the mind can flow freely and seemingly accidentally find solution. Even the book about relationship between Man and Woman - Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - states:
"Women think differently than men. They share the process of inner discovery with attentive listener. Many women realize what they wanted to say only during talking. This process when you let your thoughts fly freely and speak them aloud helps women to source from their intuition."
I took part in Silva Method's special course about development of our intuitive abilities. On this seminar we let our thought flow freely and from pictures which appeared we formed our answer. These responses were purely accurate however. William Whitecloud, author of The Last Shaman, now leads the courses how to tune in to your intuition.  We can find similar way how to master the intuition in Coelhos' book, in Zorba the Greek, in Millman's Twelve gates to personal growth, Canadian spa owner Elisabeth Fayt teaches it as well as German spiritual and very amusing writer Bärbel Mohr. Many more authors like Deepak Chopra, courses like Love or Above and spiritual movements use similar techniques to profit from our intuition.

What to use the intuition for?

Previous material provided guideline how to train, strengthen and improve one's intuition. Why is it so important? Besides unique solutions, quick and correct evaluations and answers to the most important questions about ourselves we use intuition to get the right moment to act. Intuition can help during each decision making which showed the main character of movie and a book Celestine Prophecy on a crossroad while he was choosing between two dangerous paths. Students will love the stream of association which would assist them to find test answers. In your relationship you will use intuition to emphatically communicate with your partner and thus prevent many misunderstandings.  

Focus on the goal and be positive

Finally I'd like to remind why it's so important to think positively and directly to your final goal. I realized it during one business meeting. During the association game we learnt that behind each our thought there are many neural path which got activated in our brain. Often we don't know what are all the things that our brain is thinking about while we consider single point of view. When we think about why it's not possible the brain is getting the ideas how to fail. Maybe there will be one good point how to prevent such a failure however we would be using tremendous power of our subconscious to get defeated. The opposite happens when we start to focus on that we aim to achieve - our goal. We might get a few association about losing because in our memory we're having strong negative relations connected to particular project, team or place nevertheless if we manage to remain focused on what we want, on our personal goal, further association will appear which would offer interesting and innovative ways how to solve our issue. 
Positive mind also helps create inner peace which can improve our ability to tune in to intuition. The happier we are the easier the solutions appear. You probably experienced it when you were focused on solving something and you couldn't succeed for hours; then you just stranded up to went for a mug of coffee but half the way to the coffeemaker your intuition started to play and you got it. If you cannot work it out, take a rest and your intuition will open the doors.
Finally you'll be revealed different solutions depending on your actual state. If you're filled with fear, guilt or shame you usually get an aggressive idea which would lead into more suffering. When you use your intuition in the state of calmness, love, joy or peace the intuitive answer provides more compassionate and enriching solution which would produce more of happy feelings.

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