Synchronicity - was it attracted or did I not notice before

Face of an angel bringing coincidentally what we need
From time to time it happens. You learn about something completely new and the next day you saw the same (recently unknown topic) somewhere else. Was it just coincidence? Did we really attract what we needed from the universe or did our subconsciousness guided us to the correct answer we needed. Or was the thing always there and just at a moment we were ready we noticed? 
I don't know the answer to these questions, but you know, I don't care. Whenever there's something we need, it appears. When you start asking questions, you will receive answer. 
Recently I become upset and I didn't know why. I decided to find out you what is causing these feelings and the next day I run across a video which gave me the perfect answer. On top of that I really started to think about guardian angels and prayers which were discussed as part of my answer. What was my surprise when the next day I opened a book I was reading from Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho and interestingly he wrote about the same angels and prayers and his approach how to play with them to improve your life was very similar. 
What a coincidence? I read almost all the books from Coelho and decided that I won't be buying any self-development seminar for some time and one day I just felt I need this new course. Then I picked the book which was talking about the same topic. Was Coelho writing about angels before? Probably yes, but only now I imprinted enough attention to the subconscious brain that my mind switched on an alarm that something important is being read. We in fact doesn't notice not even half of things that are happening around us.
Surprisingly a week later I got an idea about another book and I opened it on page 162. One paragraph took my attention and interestingly it spoke about the same - different author, different story, but very similar method. Why this other book came to my mind just few days after the previous two. I needed some more inspiration and it appeared. We can just smile on how beautifully the Universe works and we can dismiss it as pure coincidence. That decision at least is just ours.

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