Conversations with Ego

Stairs into the swimming pool
I went to a pool with my friend who used to be a race swimmer. We jumped into the water and he cried: "So, show yourself, boy." I was quite confident in the water, but compared to him I was like half-drowned rabbit who ate an anvil. 
"Quite good, you swim, little boy," he started with compliment not to completely destroy my self-confidence and then he continued: "The hands are terrible, you don't use your legs and the body should be stretched." And in that moment my ego spoke: ...


The superstition - the red ball curse

Pool balls
"It's like that with the red ball, it's the difficult one," you hear after you missed a shot in a pool game. "I struggled to score that one in the last game," observe a friend and it doesn't seem to do any harm. But...
Next time you aim at the red, your might hear a silent voice in the background repeating: "The difficult one." You start to sweat and your hand will tremble a bit and the more you try to suppress that the stronger it is. The prophecy got fulfilled itself because without knowing that it's hard to shot the red you would just play it without problems.


Personal development cannot be institutionalized

Jump - everyone has to jump their own way
Personal development is very ... personal. Each of us is unique personality with our own history and right now we are at our own personal position. It's like a computer game - SuperMario stands at the edge of an abyss and he has to jump. Thought you always press the same buttons the jumps would be different when Mario has to hit the stream of uplifting hot air and when he must catch a liana to swing down to the other end. 
In your own life you have to recognize where you are and how to move forward. Someone would jump over the river, others will swim, hire the boat or go find the bridge. You might decide that you rather turn back and stay on your side of the stream.