Conversations with Ego

Stairs into the swimming pool
I went to a pool with my friend who used to be a race swimmer. We jumped into the water and he cried: "So, show yourself, boy." I was quite confident in the water, but compared to him I was like half-drowned rabbit who ate an anvil. 
"Quite good, you swim, little boy," he started with compliment not to completely destroy my self-confidence and then he continued: "The hands are terrible, you don't use your legs and the body should be stretched." And in that moment my ego spoke: ...
"Why should we listen to that chunky guy?" You know the friend of mine has some meat on his bones, if you know what I mean.
He advised few tricks what to do better, but Ego continued to talk: "We swam quite ok and we were happy, why to try this new way, it won't work anyway."
"So let's try and see whether the swimming is more fun after that," I proposed to the Ego.
"It's gonna be difficult even if it works," tried Ego one more time, but we started to swim the new way. 
Anytime I made a mistake or forgot about something, the Ego was there to point that out. "Ha, he said to touch your side with the hand. You cannot remember that simple thing, you will never learn it."
Perfect swimming style and ego
"My dear, it something new, it will take some time before I get used to it," I made my point to the Ego. "Can you see that the swimming is easier now, we're like a dolphin."
"Right, but only if you manage to follow all those rules, which you never do," the Ego sneered. 
When I swam next to the colleague, the Ego took a lot of effort to highlight all the things which were not perfect. 
"But you must admit it's interesting, much more fun, than to swim still that same way until the end of our life," I tried to mesmerize the Ego.
"We swam well," snarled the Ego. "Now we can only make mistakes and get worse."
"But you saw the improvement, the new style make it easier to swim and we can do 200m crawl without losing our breath."
"That might be chance," continued the Ego, but I stopped listening. The Ego is however waiting, it will be patiently watching and in one moment you'll hear its voice which will try to keep you inside your comfort zone once again.
Talk with it, make conversation with your Ego and it will be easier to change you life.

Foto: Ian Britton, Jim Bahn

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