The superstition - the red ball curse

Pool balls
"It's like that with the red ball, it's the difficult one," you hear after you missed a shot in a pool game. "I struggled to score that one in the last game," observe a friend and it doesn't seem to do any harm. But...
Next time you aim at the red, your might hear a silent voice in the background repeating: "The difficult one." You start to sweat and your hand will tremble a bit and the more you try to suppress that the stronger it is. The prophecy got fulfilled itself because without knowing that it's hard to shot the red you would just play it without problems.
History, literature, movies and our own experience is full with self-fulfilling prophecies. We hear or experience something and it becomes part of our subconscious and next time we're in similar situation that superstition influences this new situation and proves our original idea right.
It can be anything. You hear a colleague note that someone is impolite. Even without consciously knowing it the next time you speak to him you're nervous about the impoliteness and that nervous expectation might trigger the situation when he's really impolite. 
Clear the energy meditation
Any kind of remark might have an impact on the rest of our life. We cannot just avoid all the situations which might dig deeply and negatively into someone's mind - any kind of joke, remark or innocent comment can have significant meaning in someone's else life. If you tune into our intuition we might reduce the chance but still you will implant the superstitions to others' mind from time to time. But don't worry. It's will be a lesson for them. Our meeting and our words were not just coincidence. They needed to practice self-reflection and clear this energy out of their system and that's a life-long journey of self-improvement. The better we learn this game the more superstitions we clear and the more satisfying our life will be. 

Further reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-fulfilling_prophecy

Foto: Jeff M for Short, Cornelia Kopp

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