The circle of giving

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Very often when we receive a gift we tend to believe that we owe something to the giver. But that is not the real purpose of giving. First the giver gets a lot of pleasure by the act itself and secondly you don't have to worry, because you will get the reward anyway. I call it the circle of giving
It's not karma I want to talk about, it is simple believe that each generosity will return to us, though usually not from the gift recipient himself. Let us illustrate it on an example - You see that your colleague is tired after the whole day meeting and you decide to buy her a coffee and say a few nice words. You don't expect that she will buy you a coffee the next day, you just want to make her evening happier. And there starts the circle of happiness.
She was probably tired, had some bad thoughts, but this little act of kindness changed the perspective of her day, so she can come home and spend a loving evening with her husband. The circle continues. He, delighted by the time he spend with his wife will be in a good mood tomorrow. He will pay more attention to the world around and share this joy with others. Finally someone will be nice to an upset driver, who will just realize there's no need to hurry, slow down and won't hit a person crossing the street who happened to be a relative to the guy who started the circle of happiness. By selflessly buying a coffee you saved your friend from a car accident. That is how this circle work and that is why you might not even notice that your life is better thanks to your care about the world around. But it works like that.
I am not the only one who think this way. Watch the movie Pay it Forward or the video below:

Foto: Khairul Nizam

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