Games to improve your life

Games are contagious. You have the score to beat and straightforward path to do it and you are immediately rewarded for your actions. It's a prodigy motivator. But can the games be used to improve our lives rather then killing out of the space creatures in epic fantasy battles. Yes it can.


Why each meeting is a message for us?

Today I have read an article that everyone we met is brought into our life intentionally.  Strange it may sound but actually it perfectly fit to the claim of my previous post about selective attention. When we encounter someone we immediately form some opinion about them and it mirrors the filters we have set up in our own brain.


Your happiness depends entirely on your thinking

Too many inputs
The world is not what the world seems to be. It is much more and we only see, feel and sense a small piece of it. There are million bits of information hitting us every second and we notice only a tiny part of it. Do you trust me? Try these exercises to understand it a bit more.


Why short articles matter?

Read an article
Many of us have read and life-changing book or attended to 'start new life' course. All the content looked so gorgeous and easy to implement. But 3 months later you realized that you life more or less the same life and all those great ideas slowly vanished from your awareness. 


The Spiral of Happiness

Spiral of Flowars
Do you think that a million on a bank account or a new car or partner will make you happy forever after? It will probably. For a while. Because happiness is a living creature and it doesn't reside at one place. Is it possible to be always happy? Actually yes, but you have to understand one thing - The Spiral of Happiness