The Spiral of Happiness

Spiral of Flowars
Do you think that a million on a bank account or a new car or partner will make you happy forever after? It will probably. For a while. Because happiness is a living creature and it doesn't reside at one place. Is it possible to be always happy? Actually yes, but you have to understand one thing - The Spiral of Happiness
The Spiral of Happiness, the art of leaving the Comfort Zone

You are living in a certain space you know and where you feel quite safe and comfortable. You understand your daily routine and people you meet. Many things won't surprise you there, but slowly boredom creeps into this space and you start dreaming about a bit more. But there are your fears guarding these new delights from your reach. 
Yes I'm talking about your Comfort Zone. Even the magnificent place like Taj Mahal would sooner or later become usual and one day you will know all its miracles. Once you will see the wonderful sunrise lighting the dome for the hundredth time it will cease to inspire you anymore. So what to do then?
You have multiple options how to expand your comfort zone. You can leave the palace gardens and experience whole new world behind. Or you can stay on the place but take a new approach. You can climb the high tower enjoy the risk of falling and rush of emotions connected with that. You can draw a painting of the palace or create a poem about it. You can talk to the visitors, meet even the scary looking unsmiling man. Or you can just admire things you did not notice before. The shadows, colors, mice running the palace cellars. 
The act of leaving the comfort zone has profound effects on our happiness. First we uncover a completely new world full of possibilities. Even the slight step outside of the comfort zone brings thousand of new opportunities and things to wonder about. And second, as I mentioned, our fears are guarding the gateway to these new pleasures and every time we stand against our fears there's rush of happiness as a reward for succeeding. That is no surprise because every time we surpass a fear we have beaten the Goliath who appeared impossible to defeat. That is a great victory.
But guess what happens next? After you enjoy a while of discovering the fresh miracles of this new space you become used to it and it turns into your new comfort zone. The whole circle starts again. 
Is there a state of absolute happiness? A space where if you arrive you will be happy once and forever? It is. But it is not a static place, it's a continuous process of never ending expanding of your comfort zone. While you move forward on the Spiral of Happiness you fuel the enjoyment of the being alive.

More about the topic of Happiness and expanding your comfort zone was studied by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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