What determines our success?

Vision, Focus and Success
What we think about is what we see. Many studies and researches came to the same results that the neural paths we are using the most are the strongest and the strongest ones get lighted easier. But you might not trust the scientests. See what regular people, students of happiness or recognized success teachers says about goal achieving, focus, determination, mind clarity and selective attention

John Assaraf on Focusing on how to achieve it

John Assaraf
John Assaraf also explores how our habits and conscious effort can lead to success. His companies made millions and he continues to guide organizations to reach their goals. He took part in Larry King show or the movie The Secret. 

People who are commited don't have excuses. They stop blaming other people and circumstances. They stopped blaming all the references and stories they have and they put all of their attention and focus on how they will and how they can achieve their goals. 

When you are precise and exact about that what you want you are giving specific instruction to your brain on what to focus on. And know that people who have learned how to focus on exactly what they want will achieve their goal significantly higher percentages than people who don't have clarity of focus. 

As soon as you develop a habit to focus on what you have written down as a goal you are creating a neurological pattern almost a map of your new goal in your brain and then your brain starts to see things in the physical world that maatch up with the goal 

Carrie Green - anyone can achieve success

Carrie Green
Carrie Green was not sure what to do, but she had the passion to start. After several successful videos and blog post she founded Female Entrepreneur Association to help people around the world to achieve success. 

And I realized that if I could get my mind to be certain that I could make something happen that somehow I would figure out a way. And I always had. Because success is not an accident. 

Anthony Robbins on success

Anthony Robins
Tony Robbins in a motivational speaker, author of many books and courses and deeply interested in making peoples life better. He even reached Forbes top 100 celebrity list in 2007.
Big decisions start with little decisions like what do I gonna focus on. Because whatever you focus on you gonna feel. If you focus on all the things that have been done to you in your life of course you gonna feel like hell. If you focus on all the amazing coincidences that have happened ... but whatever you focus on you gonna feel. If you focus on people who don't care, look for evidence, you would find it every where. If you look for evidence that people are really good people inside you will find it. Seek and you shall find. 

When you start thinking there is no future. You are going into what we call learned helplessness. A place where just kind of give up. And when you give up you have no power over your life. 

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